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40 Dulin Dr. SW Concord NC 28027 US

Everything You Need to Know About

The Pyramid Protection System

There are important and distinguishing differences between any run of the mill exterminator and a service-focused pest control company. What makes Troff so unique is that we do not simply want to give you a decent service, we want you to feel like Troff has your situation under control. 

Pest Control, Mosquito Control, Bug Control, Ant Control, Wasp

Our Pest Control Service Locations

Charlotte            Concord

Cornelius            Harrisburg

Huntersville        Kannapolis

Matthews            Mooresville

Our Prices

Year In Advance*** $499.00

(for homes over 4,000 sq feet $599.00 for year in advance)

Specialty Pest **** $199.00

(or one time service)

*Initial Service includes thorough inspection of interior and exterior of your home, identification of any pest or traces of pests, identifying conducive conditions, development of a specific treatment plan, then the Pyramid Protection System is implemented.

**This outside service operates on a bi-monthly cycle with a one year service agreement that includes 5 regular services. (Visa/MasterCard)

****For Specialty Pest Pricing refer to our Useful Guide to Pest. 

Specialty Pest are considered outside the scope of the Pyramid Protection System: Yellow Jackets, Cicada Killers, Fire Ants, and Fleas.

We want to create a service that is comfortable for you.

Pyramid Protection System

Pest Control, Mosquito Control, Bug Control, Ant Control, Wasp

Troff uses the most advanced and effective processes, techniques and products to achieve the best results. Which for you is a home free of pests. 

 We want you to be fully informed about what to expect when a Troff technician comes to your home, so listed below are the 3 steps used in the Pyramid Protection System. 

  • Step 1: The technician does an inspection for conducive conditions to help keep your home free of pests

  • Step 2: A liquid barrier is applied around the foundation of your home to help keep pests outside.

  • Step 3: A granular bait is broadcast outside of the chemical barrier. The granular bait acts as a food source, which once ingested, it quickly controls the intended pests.

-This outdoor system operates on a bi-monthly cycle. 

-We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Specialty Pests aren't included with the Pyramid Protection System. See Useful Guide to Pest.

Pest Control, Mosquito Control, Bug Control, Ant Control, Wasp

Click below for more information:

A Useful Guide to Pests